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Winner of the Summer of 2010 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest
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Dean Batstone: Born in Newfoundland, Canada, Dean grew up in Ottawa and still maintains a home near there, though still
travels widely in the US and Canada. With 5 C.D.'s currently released, and 2 earlier vinyl records long out of print, he has an
impressive legacy of original material. His strong lyrical style yields believable stories, honest emotions and a depth of
understanding of the human spirit. His fluid sense of melody coupled with a sincere and powerful delivery has earned him
respect and backing from an impressive array of musical friends, including guitarist Jim Weider (The Band, Los Lobos, Bob
Dylan) drummer Gary Burke (Bob Dylan, Shania Twain, Joe Jackson), bassist Hugh MacDonald (Bon Jovi, Cher, Alice Cooper).
guitarist John Platania (Van Morrison, Don MacLean, Nathalie Merchant), keyboardist Jason Crosby (Art Garfunkel) and "Le
Studio" Morin Heights engineer Simon Pressey (Rush, Shania Twain, Celine Dion).

Dean has toured extensively across Canada and the Northeastern States, as well as enjoyed consistent success on the local
club scene. Professional highlights include New York showcase dates at"The Family of Woodstock",  "The Bitter End", "C.B.G.
B.'s", the "Tinker St. Cafe", "South By Southwest Music Festival" (Austin, Texas) and support dates with Shawn Colvin
(Bearsville Theatre), Canadians Tom Cochrane, Kim Mitchell, and comedian Jim Carrey.

With his latest release, "No Angel"  comes some of his best material to date and after hearing it, you'll know why everyone is
saying such great things about Dean Batstone. Dean's newest CD ‘No Angel’ was mastered by Grammy award winning audio
engineer David Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO. Visit their website at:


Dean Batstone is a folk/rock troubadour for the baby boomers and music fans of all ages that like a rich, distinctive voice and
well crafted story songs . His new CD, No Angel, weaves a seamless tapestry with his gentle, soothing voice and his easy way
with some fresh and timeless melodies. Adventurous arrangements, and above all his ability to write lyrics which, though often  
personal, have a universal appeal, engaging both the emotions and the intellect.

I am a panel judge for this competition and became a fan of Dean immediately when I heard the Canadian native's strong
songwriting, singing and collection of top shelf players that all are well credentialed in any circles. Like myself he put down
the clarinet at a young age to be able to play louder and amplified.

Dean fills the shoes of Harry Chapin in my world, and impresses me as not just a  charismatic singer with great songs, but a
full blown artist. Playing South of his homeland he will no doubt catch up with that recognition that is always elusive in your
own hometown.  JJ Cale says do what you do best and let your audience come around to you. Congratulations Dean!

Gary Allen (The Charlie Daniels Band/JJ Cale/Stonewall Jackson)

Tennessee Concerts congratulates Dean Batstone for winning
our first Sonic Bids Tennessee Concerts Song Competition

What a great song!

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