Charlie Daniels
Born 1937
in Wilmington
North Carolina

Charlie Daniels Band
Formed 1971
Nashville Tennessee

Hit Songs:
Uneasy Rider
Souths Gonna Do It Again
Orange Blossom Special
Long Haired Country Boy
In America
Devil Went Down To Georgia
Still In Saigon
Simple Man

Local Concerts:
No other artist that I have
seen more than the Charlie
Daniels Band. After decades
of attending his Volunteer Jam
concert and seeing him at :
the WMAK Coyote McCloud
Concert at the War Memorial
Auditorium in the early 1970's,
Fair Park at a WMAK Schools
Out Party in the early 70's,
Hermitage Landing Beach in
the 70's, and live On-stage at
Opryland USA Theme Park's
GEO Theater in the 90's,
and other events in the area.
I saw Charlie Daniels perform
many times, from the very
beginning of his career. As a
big CDB fan, I can say that he
always put on a great show!

Session Musician:
Charlie Daniels played as a
session musician, playing
guitar, fiddle, bass & banjo
on albums by Bob Dylan,
Ringo Starr,
Leonard Cohen
& Pete Seeger

Wrote Elvis Song:
In 1964 Daniels cowrote
"It Hurts Me", and it became
the "B" side of Elvis Presley's
double-sided hit
"Kissin' Cousins"

Volunteer Jam:
Charlie Daniels started the
Volunteer Jam concerts in
Nashville in 1974. The annual
concerts continued for
decades. Several have been
recorded for live albums, and
TV Shows. The 2nd Jam was
made into a movie, playing at
many movie theaters
throughout the country.
I attended most of the sixteen
(or so) Volunteer Jam's in
Nashville, and had the
pleasure of seeing many top
artists that I otherwise would
have never got to see.
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The Charlie Daniels Band
May 25, 1985 :  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
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Charlie Daniels
Tommy Crain
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Crain Passes Away
01/13/2011 - Longtime
Charlie Daniels band member
Tommy Crain passed away
peacefully in his sleep yesterday
it was announced by family.

Crain played in various local
bands in high school, the best
being Flat Creek Band in which
his brother Billy also played guitar.
This group eventually disbanded
and Tom formed a group called
Buckeye. Buckeye was the
opening act at Charlie Daniels'
very first Volunteer Jam at
Nashville's War Memorial
Auditorium where he met
Charlie Daniels and a lot of
other southern rock musicians.
About a year later , Charlie
needed a guitar player and Tom
was the man he called for the job.
In a few weeks time in February
of 1975, Tom married his
sweetheart, Melissa, moved to
a new apartment, and left on the
road with the Charlie Daniels
Band for a fifteen year run. Tom
played on many CDB albums, co
wrote over 60 songs with the band
and won a Grammy for co writing
"The Devil Went Down To
Georgia" which won a Grammy in
1980. Tom left the band in the
summer of 1989 to pursue other
interests and to raise his young
daughter, Annie.

Charlie Daniels made this
announcement on his website
and on his Facebook account
earlier today:

Tommy Crain will always be a part
of the CDB family and his music
will always be a part of the CDB
sound. We have lost a good friend
and the world has lost a unique,
creative and precious human
being. We send our deepest
condolences to the family of our
brother Tommy Crain. You were
special, buddy. We’re really gonna
miss you.CD