June 8, 2006 :  Nashville, Tennessee
The Charlie Daniels Band
* Riverfront Park *
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Long time keyboardist
the late
Taz DiGregorio
Long time bass player
Charlie Hayward
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Taz DiGregorio: We are saddened over the death of our friend Taz
DiGregorio, long time keyboardist for the Charlie Daniels Band. Taz
was  was recently killed in an auto accident just out side of Nashville.
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Taz several times and he was
a very funny guy. I loved to hear him tell road stories of his adventures
with the CDB. I regret that of all the times I was around Taz, I never got
a picture with him, or never got him to sign any of the CD's or posters
that he gave me. Taz asked me "Where in the world did you ever get
that at????" after I posted a rare video from Volunteer V (1979)
of Taz singing The Breeze at the first reunion of Lynyrd Skynyrd (after
the plane crash). I'm glad that I posted that video in time for Taz to
see it. Of all the many band members that have came & gone in the
Charlie Daniels Band over the years, Taz was there the whole time,
since about 1970. He won a grammy as co-writer on the 1979 song
Devil Went Down To Georgia along with his band mates Charlie
Daniels, Tommy Crain, Charlie Hayward, Freddy Edwards & James
Marshall. Taz and the band have had many hit singles & albums over
the years, as well as playing concerts all over.The memorial service
was very moving. A celebration of life was held after the memorial with
a musical tribute to Taz including Souths Gonna Do It Again and other
songs with Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt, Joel DiGregorio (Taz's son),
Dennis & Donnie Winters (Winters Brothers Band) and others.
Taz was well liked and will be missed by many people.
The death of Charlie Daniels Band keyboardist Taz DiGregorio