The Bee Gees pictures are probably about the first concert pictures, that I ever took. I took pictures with my 110 film camera, and even filmed bits
of the show, with an 8mm film color movie camera. I also had a complete tape recording of this show but it got lost over the years.
At one point on the film, This was a great show and probably the first of my concert pictures.
The BeeGees
have sold more
than 110 million
records, placing
them 5th in pop
history behind
Elvis Presley,
The Beatles,
Michael Jackson
Paul McCartney
Below:  2006: See my New Pictures of the first Barry Gibb middle Tennessee
appearance, since buying the home of Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash,
at a
Hendersonville High School Tornado Relief Benefit Show
Barry Gibb performs the Bee Gee's song "To Love Somebody"
See More Pictures from this 2006 show
Pictures by Pat Adams
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Municipal Auditorium
Built in the early 60's, it was Nashville's
main concert venue in the 1960's &
1970's. Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones,
Led Zeppelin, Jackson Five and
others have performed here.
Although newer venue's have been
built in Nashville, the Municipal
Auditorium continues to host
concerts and other events
My own rare footage of The BeeGees at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium
from a 1971 concert. I took this footage with an old 8mm film camera.
The video does  not have sound. This is the only known footage of the
BeeGees in Nashville. Video by Pat Adams from
See my own rare 1971 video of the BeeGees in Nashville
My 2006 footage of Barry Gibb in Hendersonville TN
This is video from a May 1, 2006 Tornado Relief Concert
with special guest Barry Gibb at Hendersonville High School
Barry Gibb sings "Islands In the Stream"
with country singer Kelly Lang at tornado benefit
Hendersonville High School football field in Tennessee
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The BeeGees In Nashville
Municipal Auditorium - August 28, 1971
Pictures by Pat Adams - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Barry Gibb
The BeeGees at Nashville's
Municipal Auditorium
The concert took place in
September of 1971. They
began their set with
"New York Mining Disaster
1941". They performed all of
their 1960's hits, plus current
hits "Lonely Days" & "How Can
Mend A Broken Heart".
Backing the band was a
thirty-piece orchestra from the
Nashville Symphony. The
opening band (not shown) was
Tin Tin (Toast & Marmalade)
Robin Gibb
Maurice Gibb