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Bachman & Turner (formally of Bachman Turner Overdrive)
at the Gibson Guitar Summer Jam (2011) in Nashville Tennessee
Taken on July 23, 2011 at the Gibson Custom Shop - Click on Pictures to Enlarge
Pictures by Pat Adams from TennesseeConcerts
Mick Dalla-Vee
Randy Bachman
Marc LaFrance
Fred Turner       Brent Howard            
Bachman & Turner
Bachman & Turner Autographs (from after the show)
Randy Bachman
Fred Turner
Brent Howard

Bachman & Turner band members
Randy Bachman (guitar & vocals)
Fred Turner (bass & vocals)
Brent Howard (guitar & backup vocals)
Mark LaFrance (drums & backup vocals)
Mick Dalla-Vee (guitar & backup vocals)

Bachman & Turner website
Bachman and Turner Press Conference announcing the new self titled album.
They also talk about what it was like to get back together (2010)
Bachman Turner Overdrive in 1974
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet